Understanding Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol is one of the most talked about UN initiatives amongst Building Consultants and Designers. Its the first time,at Kyoto, Japan, that a majority of UN member states came together to sign a legally binding treaty to reduce GHG emissions.

While many argue against its effectiveness, its impact cannot be understated. Like any other venture, at such a massive scale, glitches will need to be worked at, till then, Kyoto has at least managed to put into motion a structured wheel towards emission reduction and awareness.

Download Link : Kyoto Protocol



  1. Kyoto, COP, CBD (Convention on Biodiversity), Agenda 21…All seems to be working hard for Environment conservation and Sustainable Development. But what lacks is the Community awareness, civic sense and initiatives at grass-root level for effective implementation of the efforts put up by these International agencies, without which these efforts will remain on paper.


    1. That is absolutely true.
      It is very important to begin implementation and awareness programmes on a grass root level. The carbon credits has become a financial tool amongst few industrialists, with little or no impact on the employees of such industries.
      Even building level initiatives such as LEED, GRIHA, BREEAM are being ridiculed as nothing but tags. I have spoken to a number of professionals who are not satisfied with the rating systems, or carbon credit assessment techniques.
      On the other hand, the good thing is, that many industries and architects are now focused at resource and energy savings. This is what the focus of governmental systems should be. It would create a much more lasting impact.


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