Unending discussion with professionals, industrialists, businessmen has finally forced me to conclude that Green Rating is still only limited to a select few.

While most customers are open to a ‘greener’ building (as long as they don’t have to spend extra on it, which again is a skill that is left to the architect/ consultant to prove and convince), the affinity to spending on a rating system and its benefits are still not clear. I have also been through debates between professors who belong to a school of thought where a ‘tag’ isn’t important to save the Earth! Where sustainability or resource and energy saving (for them) has been a part of their lives even before this began as a sudden worldwide wave.

And while I still can’t decide, discuss or comment on whether a rating system has any long term benefits, or whether its assessment techniques are reliable, whether it is even really required, I would share what little I know of this extensive rating system, developed in the United Kingdom, BREEAM – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology!




Understanding Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol is one of the most talked about UN initiatives amongst Building Consultants and Designers. Its the first time,at Kyoto, Japan, that a majority of UN member states came together to sign a legally binding treaty to reduce GHG emissions.

While many argue against its effectiveness, its impact cannot be understated. Like any other venture, at such a massive scale, glitches will need to be worked at, till then, Kyoto has at least managed to put into motion a structured wheel towards emission reduction and awareness.

Download Link : Kyoto Protocol