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I know most people would expect a post about a life-saving danger-fighting situation, but this isn’t any less for me. It just does’t seem big enough because its a long and painfully slow process. 

And while I should have been posting about the multiple such initiatives being taken all over the country, this one is just too close to my heart.

This one starts at Home!



Unending discussion with professionals, industrialists, businessmen has finally forced me to conclude that Green Rating is still only limited to a select few.

While most customers are open to a ‘greener’ building (as long as they don’t have to spend extra on it, which again is a skill that is left to the architect/ consultant to prove and convince), the affinity to spending on a rating system and its benefits are still not clear. I have also been through debates between professors who belong to a school of thought where a ‘tag’ isn’t important to save the Earth! Where sustainability or resource and energy saving (for them) has been a part of their lives even before this began as a sudden worldwide wave.

And while I still can’t decide, discuss or comment on whether a rating system has any long term benefits, or whether its assessment techniques are reliable, whether it is even really required, I would share what little I know of this extensive rating system, developed in the United Kingdom, BREEAM – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology!



Habitat Destruction

To understand the need of sustainability, an integral concept which is fast catching up all over the world, its imperative to understand the extent of damage; in the smallest of ways, in places where we wouldn’t otherwise notice, in habits that are integrated in our lifestyles and impact that our everyday development has been unintentionally making.

This is a feeble attempt at understanding the repercussions that our casual evolution has on neighboring habitats.

Compiled by Nial Karnad, an aviation student with an undying love for nature and an eye for catching its tiniest nuances.

[Habitat Destruction]